Do you want to diversify your income?

Do you want to be financially free?

Do you know bitcoin as an e-currency?

How much do you k now about it?

Do you also know that 1 Bitcoin is equal to about

Do you know that with just about N13, 000 (0.031btc) capital, you can earn total of 164btc which is
over 100,000 dollars  which is about 40 million?

The Group where we help each other to achieve our Goal of having an extra stream of income.  The place where you invest $20 and with little effort turn it to thousands of Dollars.
I will try to go straight to the point for our new members and those here but yet to register.
To achieve this dream of growing our investment, we have a currency that we use and that currency is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is generally accepted all over the world. Most, if not all online businesses have embraced it and are using it as means of buying and selling of services and products online.

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The Bitcoin has maintained a steady rise owing to d acceptance it’s gaining and the fact that demand is largely outstripping supply. Just see yourself earning just 1bitcoin and the see yourself again earning 164bitcoins,just do the calculation.

It is an online currency and that’s what we use to achieve our aim here.
While 1USD = more than 540 Naira.
As at this night 1BTC = 713USD.

To get a Bitcoin, you purchase it with your Naira, you also. convert it back to Naira when you start earning. For this platform, we go with Blockchain. A bitcoin is just like a currency, so, it has a bank too. You need a Bitcoin wallet to earn and spend Bitcoins just as you need a Bank Account to keep your money

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet

  • You must have an email address
  • Go to **
  • Click *wallet*
  • Click *create new wallet*
  • Follow the procedures
  • You will be sent a mail
  • Then confirm
  • Then login with your details
  • After successful login, you will see *send* and *receive*
  • Click *receive*
  • You will see a long alphanumeric character, and you were told to copy
    *copy* it ( like this
    � 18YaE6TkQsMGBj8QT8ZmM9sKfufFtCFPBt)
    Go to your *Notepad* paste is there and save it so you can use it at anytime
    That is your *wallet ID* and will be using it to *collect* and *receive* Bitcoin

*That’s All, you now have a Bitcoin Wallet. With this, you will own a Bitcoin wallet
Now, how do we grow our money here, what medium are we using to achieve that?
*What’s is Zarfund?*


That is where *Zarfund* comes in!
*ZARFUND* is a Person-To-Person Direct Donation Platform. Zarfund chooses to use the bitcoins cos of it’s universal acceptability and the fact that it has maintained a constant appreciation in value owing to more demand as businesses populate d e-business space
U can read up more on the bitcoins from google
The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin Wallet.
*Who is the founder of Zarfund?*

The founder of Zarfund is Hannes Jordaan. He is from South Africa and has started this company for the sole purpose of helping people like you and me to succeed in making money online. From what I can see so far it is working very well. You can read more about Hannes.
So how does *Zarfund* help me grow $21 to $78,000 in just over a month?

Register and pay 0.03BTC. Invite 2 bitcoin users.
Level1Get 2×0.03= 0.06BTC (0.06btc = $37.37
(Upgrade with 0.05)
Level2Get 4×0.05= 0.2 BTC. (0.2btc = $124.55)
(Upgrade with 0.1 BTC)
Level3U get 8×0.1= 0.8 BTC. (0.8btc = $498.19)
(Upgrade with 0.2 BTC)
Level4U get 16×0.2BTC= 3.2 BTC. (3.2btc = $1993)
(Upgrade with 1 BTC)
Level5 u get 32x1BTC= 32 BTC. (32btc = $19,928.68)
(Upgrade with 2 BTC)
Level6 U get 64x2BTC= 128 BTC. (128btc = $79,705.77)

Note : After joining you have only 24 hrs to upgrade your account with 0.03 Bitcoin, Failure to comply the individual will be blocked from the system automatically.
please ensure to upgrade within 24 hrs.
Exponential increase right?
That’s what it is!

Level 1:
Donate 0.03btc and you Get donations from 2 referral 0.03btc each. Upgrade with 0.05btc to move to level 2..Remaining bal: 0.01btc

Level 2:
Donate 0.05btc and you Get donations from 4referral 0.05btc each totaling 0.2btc. Upgrade with 0.1btc to move to level 3..Remaining bal: 0.1btc

Donate 0.1btc and you Get donations from 8referral 0.2btc each. Upgrade with 0.2btc to move to level 4…Remaining bal: 0.6btc

Donate 0.2btc and you get donations of 0.2btc from 16referrals totaling 3.2btc. Upgrade with 1btc to move to level 5…Remaining bal: 2.2btc

Donate 1btc and you get dinations of 1btc from 32referrals = (32btc). Upgrade with 2btc…Remaining bal: 30bt.
Interested call 2348178601917, start making stress free money now.

If you are interested, use the comment box below, I will give a detailed answer to all your questions, and put you through. Start making your own money, it’s a risk worth taking, though they are lots of scammers online waiting to scavenge you, but this ain’t a scam, reach me on this mobile number +2348178601917.



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