Yahoo Mail App came with a very beautiful new design, and it has an easy-to-use interface, and a lightning fast speed. the Yahoo Mail Free app makes sending, reading and organizing emails across your inboxes very, very easy! plus it comes with an additional in-built Gmail, Outlook, AOL and more.
The most amazing part of it is that Yahoo Mail free app offers 1000GB of free cloud storage, so you never have to delete a message again.

Yahoo Mail App
Yahoo Mail App Free Download Smartphones and iOS

Yahoo Mail App Helps You To:

*SEND MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS You can easily add your photos, videos, and documents to an email, all at once.

*QUICKLY SEARCH – Fast search across all of your messages, contacts, files and photos, faster than ever.

*SWITCH BETWEEN ACCOUNTS – Yahoo Mail App enables you to Add your Gmail, Outlook, or second Yahoo account right in the app.

*NEVER LOSE AN EMAIL It stores and keeps all of your emails with 1000GB of free cloud space.

*CHOOSE A THEME – If you are the type that like style and beauty, then this app is made for you, as you can Select different backgrounds and text colors for your Yahoo inbox.

*QUICKLY DELETE MULTIPLE EMAILS – If you want to delete multiple emails, you just have to press and hold an email to select and delete multiple messages.

*DITCH PASSWORDS – For more security, you can enable Account Key for secure password-free sign in.

*SAY IT WITH A GIF – You can use animated Gif, if you Can’t find the right words. All you have to do is Send an animated GIF.

*SEND STATIONERY – It’s even more fun as you can Send emails with artist-designed stationery from Paperless Post.1

CONNECT GOOGLE DRIVE AND DROPBOX – Yahoo Mail app gives you an easyy access to send photos and documents you’ve stored in the cloud.

BE IN THE KNOW – It keeps you up to date with news from Yahoo and the Yahoo Magazines that are right in the app.



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