If you’re a good fan of social media, then by now you’ve probably seen at least one 2016bestnine post on your Instagram feed. As the champagne is being preared for and the writing out of the resolutions of the new year, lots of people around the World are really reflecting by posting their most liked photos from the previous year.

This is just the simple way to join in the 2016bestnine:

1. first you have to open up this 2016bestnine generator.

2. Then go ahead to type in your Instagram username. (Note: Your account must be public.)

3. Click the “Get” icon.

4. Wait. (Note: This may take as long as 10 minutes if the site gets too bussy, according to Select All.)

5. Choose either the original version, which includes your username and the total amount of likes you received this year, or the photo-only version, which is just a miniature collage of your nine most popular pictures.

6. Then you save to your computer or phone.

7. Share!

8. Bask in the likes.

Last year’s 2015bestnine saw about 70 million visitors, according to the analysis of the Business Insider, and it turned out to be a giant marketing gimmick to get users interested in a dating app called Nine. More than 100,000 of the people who used the 2015bestnine generator eventually signed up for the Instagram-based service.

Mean while, for this year, it’s not clear whether using 2016bestnine will later prompt you to join another service. But creator Yusuke Matsumura wrote on ProductHunt that using the 2016 version was “so simple.”

In his word “I believe #2016bestnine will help you to look back your 2016,” he added. “Hope you all enjoy it!”

Are you looking for other options? 2016bestnine lets you plug in any username you want, so you can also see collages belonging to your family, friends or celebrities.

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