Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho faces difficulty in Manchester United. It showed in his reaction towards Manchester United’s defeat at Watford.
Sunday’s shocking defeat was as bad as anything that has gone before and if the reason of Jose Mourinho’s appointment as United manager is to rebuild, I think it’s high time he boost his process.surely that process must be accelerated now.

Watford’s Sunday victory was their first over United for 30 years and only the third time Mourinho has lost three consecutive games as a manager. On their own, statistics do not always mean much but when the negative figures rack up together it tends to suggest something is wrong and I think that Mourinho have not faced a challenge like this.

“Individually, collectively, we have to improve, and that’s my job,” Mourin said, but not before a blaming finger at someone else. Among his frustrations was the Miguel Britos challenge on Anthony Martial that led to Watford’s first goal and, just like last weekend’s 2-1 loss to Manchester City, he elaborated on individuals’ failure to implement his game plan.

Mourinho constructively gave a detailed breakdown of Watford’s second, effectively decisive goal, describing it as “a mistake that goes against our plan and our training,” later explained specifically that his left-back, Luke Shaw, should have pressed higher up on Nordin Amrabat in the buildup.

“It’s tactical, but also a mental attitude,” he said.

The question,  that disturbingly made Mourinho to point out Shaw’s error, is why he does not address. It does not take a well framed replay to understand that United, just as last season, are badly sluggish in their attack and lack the most basic flexibility. There are no team work across the pitch, no real cordination is being formed.

However, sometimes Wayne Rooney seems to be an easy target but is barely effective in a United shirt in relation to sunday’s match. a cross in the half time, delivered straight into the stands under no pressure, was well utalised by Marcus Rashford giving them their equaliser goal (1-1). By the end, though, Rooney’s frustrated figure was very much to the fore, lashing wildly over from 30 yards and receiving a booking for a rash challenge after Camilo Zuniga’s goal made it 2-1.

Moreover,I think this back-to-back defeat will cause a negative effect on Paul Pogba, who was as bad as Rooney here but must feel on a hiding to nothing shuttling between an out-of-form captain and the figure of Marouane Fellaini, whose late concession of a penalty was clumsy.

No matter how hard United work to perfect it, Pogba’s partnership with the ponderous Fellaini feels nothing better than temporary. and that is the impression given by much of what happens ahead of them, too.

“I think that after the 1-1 equalizer, everyone thinks that the United will win the game,” Mourinho said. “We were showing complete control, intensity and creation. The game was there to win, never to lose.”


United had positively enjoyed their best period of the match before Zuniga’s goal, testing Heurelho Gomes through Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s header, yet it didn’t get you off your seat, no quick passes to crack or break the home defence or spring into a counter-attack.

United are blessed with speed on the flanks but too often find themselves playing in front of well-organised opponents, and that owes plenty to the absence of dynamism in the team’s spine.

There may be a worse time ahead for Mourinho and United because Leicester is next inline at Old Trafford in the league next, while visits to Liverpool and Chelsea are among their October assignments.

Is Mourinho, having gotten the job that he had badly being obsessed. pulling his punches? It would be uncharacterized uncertainty from a loud figure, but United need change to drag them out of this enduring stability and his short reign so far has arguably been defined by what he has not done yet.

If you were a seer, how would you see Mourinho’s future in Manchester United.


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