Waka Flocka finally releases his latest track, titled “Was My Dawg”. And, just as you probably suspected, it takes clear shots at his fellow Brick Squad member Gucci Mane.

Earlier this week, Waka Flocka teased the single by posting its artwork on Instagram. With the image featuring what appeared to look like Guwop’s silhouette adorned with a question mark and angel wings. He didn’t stop there, Waka Flocka also made sure to tag Gucci in the post, Killing any doubt about who he was referring to.

“Thought you was my nigga, shorty, thought you was my dawg/Thought you was my nigga, shorty, thought you was my dawg/You all for yourself, shorty, you a ball hog,” Waka Flocka raps. “[…] Always yelling Brick Squad, always talking fam first/When your ass got locked up, you turned on the fam first/Always taking fucking credit, never put in no work.”

Though, he didn’t mention Gucci Mane’s name on the track, but it’s obvious the former friends now have beef.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra this week, Waka Flocka opened up about the track, saying he needed to get some things off his chest before he became too angry. Though he didn’t confirm that the rumors of “Was My Dawg” was addressing Gucci, although, he confirmed that he did question the Atlanta rapper’s street cred.

“Hey, since he been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta?” Waka Flocka asked. “Since Gucci been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta? Alright. I’m exposing these folks. I ain’t no hater, I’m just exposing.”

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