2007 was the year twitter was first offered for, The big search engine ‘YAHOO’ as it then was, offered $12 million for the newly emerged social media. In 2008, during the presidential election, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg made his own offer of few hundred million, it was followed by Ashton Kutcher’s offer, Mark Zuckerberg tried his luck some  few years later, but failed.

Even the then Vice president made his unofficial offer after a night of tequila in an hotel that he lives, Larry Page the pro founder of Google made his own indoor offer in-other to shut-off the rest of the World, it wasn’t a success. Apple is not left out as it offered to invest in the company, Steve Ballmer the then C.E.O of Microsoft also contacted the owners of the huge media company.

All attempts to buy Twitter was to no avail, The huge media company always respond with a reverberating no. At first the offers were low, then as time passed huge offers started following like Yahoo for instance made an offer of $88 million which was short of its then valued price. The interesting question is why the refusal to sell This media company? Well the company’s pro-founders are in better position to answer that question.

There have been rumors of Twitter considering to sell its company, because it’s gradually dying slowly, after so many years of refusal. Nobody can argue that twitter doesn’t have a strong influence in our today society. Though it’s true that it lacks some new enticing features for its users. If Twitter fails it’s as a result of its leaders failure to innovate or improvise a means to suit the new market. Maybe, just maybe, twitter will sell itself. All we have to do is stay awake and keep our ears to the ground. for more twitter’s news go to VanityFair.com

Exclusive interview with Jack Dorsey-Co-Founder & Chairman of Twitter



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