In this Movie ( The Magnificent Seven ) a Mexican village is always raided for food and supplies by bandits. The name of the leader of the bandits is Calvera, while him and his men were riding away from their latest visit, Calvera promises to return to loot the village again. Taking what meager goods they have, the village leaders ride to a town just inside the American border hoping to barter for weapons to defend themselves.

They encounter Chris Adams, a veteran (ex Soldier) Cajun gunslinger. After listening to their story, Chris suggests that the village hire some gun fighters that could be cheaper than ammunition. He later hired some other six men, including himself for the job.

The men that formed The Magnificent Seven include hot tempered Chico who happens to be Chris’s friend, Harry Luck, who believes Chris is seeking treasure, the drifter Vin Tanner, who has gone broke after a round of gambling and is loath to accept a position as a store clerk, Bernardo O’Reilly, a gunfighter of Irish-Mexican heritage who has experienced some hard times, a cowboy, Britt. Who is interested only in nothing but perfecting his skills in both knife throw and gun aiming, who joins purely for the challenge involved to test those skills; and a gunman that is on the run called Lee.

The group knew that they were outnumbered, but they hoped that Calvera will move on to an easier village when he
witnesses a strong resistance.The Magnificent Seven arrived at the village and began training the villagers on how to defend themselves. When they realized that the town is small and poor and barely have enough food for their survival, The Magnificent Seven started to share their food with the villagers.

However, The Magnificent Seven engaged the bandits in a serious gun battle that was so fierced that the villagers had to interfere, joining in the fight against the bandits, Lives were lost, but victory was achieved in the end of the.

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