The American Baking Competition is not the first, there have been lots of similar British reality shows in the past and some are still alife till-date; reality shows like Dancing With the Stars, Antiques Roadshow, and The American Idol were all coppied from the U.K.

It all started from The Great British Bake Off show, which is originally British, followed by an American version, called The American Baking competition, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, however, it failed. Now it’s ABC version called The American Baking Competition.

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Mean while, Some believed that the success secret of The American Baking Competition is featuring Mary Berry because of her experience from the original series, but the simple truth is that, it makes progress because it’s American in name. And the producers did a good work in coppying original British competition.

That includes keeping the music pastoral. The hosts also brings in puns to make it more lively. It features same setting background colors. less fighting of the contestants. One noticeable change is the name, Pillsbury owns the rights to the term “Bake Off”.

The main key in The American Baking Competition is Berry, she has a good co-ordination. She displays a grandmotherly role, though, the kind of grandmother who spies at you and still knows the easiest way to kill a man with a pastry bag. The length and breadth of her baking knowledge is both comforting and terrifying. Her baking knowledge makes it almost impossible for contestants to escape any mistake.

GBBO left the BBC to make more money offered by another network in September, other three hosts made up their minds to stay with the BBC, Berry was among the three that stayed. This series might have been filmed before GBBO left, she may not be featured in another season.

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