When it  comes to an endless game run, Sonic Dash is simply the best leading the way for others to follow. In This Great run game, you will have to Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin your way across a stunning 3D environments. There-by Swipping your way over and under challenging obst way through enemy line in this endless running game.

You can initiate a Sonic dash incredible move, which is a kind of power-up that allows you run with a fire speed just like flash, destroying every enemies and obstacles on your path as you go.

Sonic Dash Awesome Abilities

Manage Sonic Dash power ups to unleash hell on enemy lines and preventing obstacles. Jumb obstacles and barriers, use the sonic homing attack to fight enemies.

Sonic Dash is now live on Smartphones and Tablets for lovers of an enedless run game. It didn’t end there, the graphics are awesome, with HD graphics for more fun.

Sonic Dash Multiple Characters

Sonic Dash
Checkout awesome Sonic Friends you can choose to embark on adventure

Thanks to Sonic developers for adding this incredible feature. Now you can Choose and play as a Sonic friend. You either choose Tails, Shadow or Knuckles.

Sonic The Story Line

You have to engage in a fierce battle against two of Sonic%e against two of Sonic’s biggest rivals, the very scheming and cunning Dr. Eggman and the Poisonous Zazz from Sonic Lost World. You ain’t go to spare any ability as all Sonic’s best move will be required to beat this foes.

To crown it all, you can connect Sonic to your social media and start catching fun with your friends on Facebook to know who is the better player, and keeps up with the paste.



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