Computer keeps on giving us rooms for amazing inventions, animation is one of the million things one can do with computer. In the animated movie titled Sing, a funny musical cartoon that uses animals as characters in the film directed and written by Gareth Jennings (“Son of Rambow”). The Sing film tells a story of two post punk porcupines, one was choose to compete in a vocal competition, the two argued about their relationship at home and their musical career.

While the two Sing characters were arguing, I was amazed by their unusual spacious display.  The Sing funny animal musical cartoon has a long and honorable history, like for example, the “I Love to Singa” short animated film of I936. That is still a widely loved cartoon that was directed by Tex Avery. It features a jazz loving young hooter who, much to the consternation of his classically trained family, he calls himself Owl Jolson on a radio amateur hour hosted by Jack Bunny. Sing is essentially that very short, writ large.


Sing is amazingly amiable, and has a little vulgar humor. There’s just one noticeable flatulence joke, which has to be some kind of record for a contemporary non-Pixar kid-friendly animated movie. (The film is produced by Illumination, the corporation behind “Despicable Me” and its spinoff, “Minions”).


However, the movie is consistently knocking itself out trying to gain similar emotional temperature of The cartoon film titled “Shrek” especially the scene during which Smash Mouth ruins “I’m a Believer.”


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