If Google Pixel attracts a huge number of users, then Google welcome their arrival

Google Just launched a new smartphone called Pixel in San Francisco, hoping it gets a corner in an iPhone exploited market.

This newly launched Google smartphone, is not just a another Android phone. Pixel is the real deal and it’s Google phone. It’s a big punch to iPhone.

It’s being a war of proxy between the two giant phone companies. They both produce their operating system, then go to court to cover them.

But till this day, Google haven’t really produced an hardware, it’s being partnership all the way. Until now, Google have been licensing Android for other to use, but it just reversed it with its newly launched phone, Pixel.

Google Newly Launched Phone, Pixel Is A Boom

Unlike the iOS devices, almost all Android phones do not receive updates for longer than a year. For Some it’s just monthly security updates, while for others, it’s Android version updates, and it happens years after Google versions.

This causes fragmentation and it an Android problem. Francisco Jeronimo, market research firm IDC’s research director for European mobile devices, says: “Many people care about updates. They recognise that getting the latest update is about getting something better, unless they’ve got an old phone. But it’s about how easy it is to do. Going online and finding an update is something most will not do. If you present it as a notification, as Apple does, then most will jump on board.”

Google is squeezing itself into the smart phone market. Unlike their previous partnered phones known as Nexus, they’ve have switched style, coming up with a different method. They have made up their mind to compete fully with big phone companies like iPhone, Samsung, LG, and others. Well, to me, Pixel is a worthy opponent to rival iPhones.

Google’s last attempt at a smartphone, the Nexus. Photograph: Google

This time, Google will enjoy all the benefits of designing their own hardware and software and it cannot be underrated. Maybe this will have an impact on other Android manufacturers who rely on Google for software.

Google’s vice president of global operations and the Google Store, Ana Corrales says the Pixel is a continuation of Google giving customers and users choice. “We are not necessarily trying to compete against Apple. We are just trying to provide choice at every level and continue our Android strategy.”

If this their new phone attracts reasonable number of users then Google will know that its brand and services have bitten deep into the heart mobile market.

The reactions of third-party manufacturers will quit interesting. Samsung has been developing its own Tizen operating system for several years now, and it currently has both smartphones and smartwatches running it in the market.

It’s likely that Samsung may ditch Android in the near future, but if it decide to divert its resources to an alternative operation system, Android’s market share may fall.

Jeronimo said “Now is the time for Google to reset, start from scratch and deliver on the promise of the Nexus, which it never did. It needs to show the market what can be done with Android, not just with hardware but with software, so that third-party manufactures can take those features and adapt them, generating a stronger relationship with Google.”

So Google’s Pixel phone becomes a boast on Google; If users key into Google phone ideology, then Google will nod its head knowing that its brand is welcomed into the mobile market. But, should it fail to sell, Google say good-bye to hardware production, and rely strictly on software production, or maybe, just continue to dive slowly into the market, time can only tell.

Either way, Google launching a smartphone is seen as a positive move, by those that love new product. For now it’s a long lasting war between Google Pixel and iPhone.

“It keeps people interested in Android and it raises awareness that Google is not just developing one version of Android after the other without trying to be innovative,” says Jeronimo. “An announcement like this is important to the market if it brings something different and innovative, something users can expect to use over the next year.”

Expect more from Google, because they ain’t just done with hardware production.


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