The Brooklyn rapper Desiigner who made it big in regards to fame and stil doing it, has been arrested with gun and drug in his possession.

It can not be denied that Desiigner who has a similar style of music with Future, is making a huge inpact in the Hip Hop World, with his single Panda making guys dance the way they have never danced before, not to talk of his Timmy Turner single,which I can’t stop dabbing to the beat.

The 19-year-old Good Music Artist Known for his Trap Style of Music was involved in a dispute that occurred at the Lincoln Tunnel at approximately 1 a.m, according to police sources.

In an alleged road rage incident, Desiigner allegedly brandished a gun prompting the other party to call 911. The Police say they found drugs in his  white Range Rover in plain sight.  The Police also alleged that the drugs seemed to be Oxycontin, along with the gun.

The Good Music Affiliated rapper was subsequently charged with with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of controlled substance with intent to sell and third-degree menacing, and on this ground, he was arrested.

Four others with Desiigner were also charged. My question now is that, will Desiigner’s case be similar to that of Bobby Shmurda,I pray and hope not.


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