Grocery shopping is a very popular way of shopping. but something I must share with you guys is how companies like Amazon, and now Panasonic, are introducing a lot of tech, and I don’t know if it’s cool or going to cause more problem.

WSJ reports that Panasonic is working on a checkout setup for convenience stores that will scan items as you place them into your basket, and then automatically bag it all up for you at checkout so that all you have to do is pay for the bought goods.

In the past , Amazon had revealed its own more convenience store pilot, that had a location that allows shoppers easily walk out with whatever they want to purchase, for which they would be automatically charged through their Amazon account. This is only slightly more difficult way of shopping, since you have to pay with cash or card before leaving, but Panasonic system has the benefit of being retailer agnostic, so that you won’t need Amazon credentials as is the case with Amazon Go.

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The Panasonic automatic system makes use of tags that’s applied to the goods you pick up to tally the cost as you shop, and then it will automatically bag up your selections through a trap-door in the counter that accepts your basket when you’re ready to go. it is made to help you with lines, and could help address some of the issues with current self-checkout systems as well, it requires a shopper to scan his or her items to determine the bill of the picked goods before paying. Well, that added step may seem small, but it can actually cause a lot of hangups and stress, especially with shoppers who aren’t very comfortable with techs.

Panasonic automatic system is already being used at a Lawson convenience store near its Osaka Head Quarter, but the broader rollout is still a while off. It’s a great invention by Panasonic though, soon an imaginative tech that allows things you imagine to appear before you will be created.

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