Download Opera Mini beta for Android. Preview this latest browser features and save data while browsing the internet. This newly updated app allows you to get your favorite online content faster.

If you are a fan of fantastic browser then this app is just for you. Don’t waste time, get a glimpse of the upcoming features of Opera Mini, the best browser for Android versions 2.3 and up, on both phones and tablets. Opera Mini is fast, free and beautifully designed. This is a beta, and the developers of this app wants your feedback to create a better browser for you.

opera mini

This awesome newly updated browser has been designed with a native look and made more intuitive to use. With less clutter, less hassle and a sneak peek at the upcoming features, Opera Mini gives you a superior browsing experience. Keep in mind that this is a beta app.

Download the Opera Mini beta to enjoy one of the fastest browsers for Android. It’s always free to install and use. So, test the quicker way to browse and enjoy the web on your device.

Note: It’s very important that you know that this newly updated browser with cool features may show ads from Facebook.


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