The Motorola Moto G4 is a recent phone produced by the Motorola company. We know this company, we’ve heard of them, they have been there since the very beginning of “phone’s” existence. though, they had to struggle to make their way back to the apex of phone market, Where companies like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are on top of the Game.

Lets Have A Little Chat About Hot Motorola Moto G4

The Moto G4 is a big classic size phone, with a smooth bold screen, auto-junk delete in-built software that makes it unique and different from every other phone, the amazing part of it is that it is affordable, and it’s waterproof surface, giving it the power to survive liquid ( whether dropped in liquid or vice-versa)  and making it close to the standard of phones like iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7.

This Motorola Moto G4 is overwhelming, with its rocking features, this phone will seriously wow you, it will sweep you off your feet. It has a shinny golden jet black color, with a very, very, very fast process for a phone of such a rocking price.

A classic flat motorola G4 behind view

However, another Motorola phone product to look out for is Moto G4 Plus, well, lets just hope the Plus attached to the name indicates that it has more wowing! added features, because I don’t think there is anything else this phone needs, seriously, I think it got it all. Other phone companies are busy producing expensive phones, brilliant Motorola is busy producing phones with affordable price, but with classic features.

To me, this phone will leave a huge legacy behind, it is exclusively affordable, to others very cheap, with just a $150, you can get yourself a easy, pleasant, and water proof phone, with other incredible unnamed features. If you a lover of fun and game, I think you really need this Moto G4. It has a large screen that can enable you have a comfortable view of your games, videos and social medias


Motorola Moto G4 also appeared with with different awesome colors

The Moto G4 is a top runner when it comes to the good race of cheap phones, the only difference between it and other cheap phones is that it is more fanciful and that it has more awesome features. It’s surprisisng that Moto G4 Plus didn’t kill the tradition as it maintains an affordable price too.

More Moto G4 Incredible Features Include:

Competition in the phone market has never been this ferocious and intense. All thanks to the appealing Moto G4’s appearance, a strong upgraded hardware, flat 5.5 inch screen, fast octa-core processor, High Definition in-built video display, water proofed surface against liquids, keeping the best for the last, its in-built 16GB space and an additional space for external micro SD card.

In conclusion , Lets expect more awesome, incredible and price appealing phones from Motorola company, now owned by Lenovo, good luck guys, go purchase a Moto G4 now, and start enjoying lats and lots of fun.




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