It was a 16-man flyweight tournament, that involved Mighty Mouse Johnson and Tim Elliott, where Tim Elliott almost repeated history of how Matta Serra knocked out Georges St-Pierre to win the welterweight title after earning the shot on “The Ultimate Fighter” season 4, a kind of awkward UFC history to remember.

The difference is that, Tim Elliott faced the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game, Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson was just too hot for him.

The Analysis Of Mighty Mouse Johnson Vs Tim Elliott

Action was initiated in the opening round when Elliott latched onto Johnson’s neck and fell to the ground trying to get a a guillotine choke. Mighty Mouse Johnson was almost put into bad positions, some thought it was the end for the warrior but he some-how managed to remain in the fight.

Johnson called ‘Mighty Mouse’ refused giving up, Elliott changed his guillotine choke to a D’arce choke, which also looked like the trick that would bring the submission he is looking for. Johnson still refused to quit, rather, he gave the referee Herb Dean a thumbs up signifying that he was fine.

As Johnson lost the D’arce choke, the fighters were back on their feet but once again Elliott was on the attack with a quick landed left hand that clearly stunned the champion.

Mighty Mouse Johnson fell to his knees to find a takedown, but a punch interrupted his advantage position and Elliott scrambled to take advantage of the champion while he was hurt.

Mighty Mouse Johnson
Demetrious Johnson vs. Tim Elliott

The advantage wasn’t well utilized by Elliott as Johnson was able to recover fast before making it to the end of the round. Elliott’s failed to use his chances well,  the champion pounced on his opponent Elliott like a like a lion steadily for about 20 minutes.

After an early close call, Mighty Mouse  Johnson displayed a magnificent stunt that showed in-deed that he is  the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport by  dismantling Elliott in a good style on the ground with a series of stifling takedowns and displaying an incredible control on the mat.

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Mighty Mouse Johnson continuously found a way to keep Elliott to the ground as he focused and kept his guard and started to look for a bevy of submission maneuvers including a couple different kimuras as well as transitioning to a pair of armbar attempts.

The champion even managed to take Elliott’s back at one point and locked on a rear naked choke that had his opponent grimacing while the champion latched onto the submission, but some-how managed to survive.

As the fight show that Elliott has really gased out while going for a quick finish in the early round of the sport, though, he still put up a good fight.

Elliott displayed a good charge across the Octagon in the sport last round and planted The champion on the mat with a nice takedown. But it wasn’t enough to keep The Champ down. The Champ kept his focus to the end.

When the sound of horn brought the sport to its end, we had no doubt that once again the champ had earned the victory but it wasn’t without a struggle into the five rounds.

“Tim Elliott is a great competitor. He has his own style and he made it a tough fight,” Johnson said in the end of the sport. “It was like trying to fight a muskrat. When he got the choke, I didn’t worry too much. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I just gave Herb Dean the thumbs up so he wouldn’t stop the fight and then I kept my cool and worked.

“I have great coaching and I did what I had to do tonight. Shout out to Tim Elliott. He deserves to be here,” he added.

Well, it was a good fight for the two warriors, especially for the winner Demetrius Johnson popularly known as ‘Mighty Mouse’ as this win makes him close to making a history.


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