Lionel Messi

It was a wonderful display by Lionel Messi and his Barcelona team mates, as the drowns Mancity in a 4:0 defeat in tonight’s Champions League Match.

Barcelona teams showed no mercy, not even for their former manager ‘Pep Guardiola.’ Mancity’s team on the other hand were very sluggish and not so tactical with their displays, to me, they caused their own downfall.

Lionel Messi was in a very good form tonight, almost all his touches caused trouble for the Mancity team, he didn’t hesitate in executing the ball whenever he is near his opponent’s goal post. He scored a wonderful hat-trick, giving them 5 points ahead of Mancity.

Lionel Messi Downs Pep Guardiola For The Second Time

This is the second time Pep Guardiola has visited Barcelona after he left in 2012. Well, this is not a good way to host an old friend, Barca’s team showed no mercy in their dealings with the Mancity side. It’s no doubt that Luis Enrique enjoyed very bit of the game, watching as his boys, led by Messi, mercilessly drowns Mancity 4 : 0.

City showed good strength to some extend, and a good fighting spirit after they conceived the first goal, but their spirit was killed by Bravo’s silly mistake. First, Fernandinho’s mistake caused them, their first goal, as if that was not enough, the keeper did the worst. It was a very bad day for the City.

City Caused Their Own Problems

Barca had a defense problem which I thought would have been exploited by the City, but they didn’t. The right-back Sergi Roberto wasn’t fit to start, even left-back Jordi Alba was still on injury, even though, he tried forcing.

Lionel Messi

He was removed in less than 10 minutes into the match. Things continue to fall apart for this Barca team, as Gerard Pique also sustained an injury in the first half from a fellow Spanish ‘Silver.’

City created good chances, but wasn’t able to convert it. They created the first chance in early minutes of the game, but Barca returned it with a sharp counter response that led to their first goal.

Neymar missed a penalty that would have given them a the fourth goal, with the second keeper ‘Caballero’ making a good save, but the young Brazilian quickly redeemed himself, scoring their last fourth goal before the final whistle.

In conclusion, this is Pep Guardiola’s worst defeat as a coach, when he was the manager of Barcelona, he inflicted injuries to teams like Real Madrid and others. He got inflicted from the same team he managed and led into inflicting others, there-by justifying the saying that what you do to others will one day be done to you.

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