Nick Cannon is the presenter in the Wild ‘N Out show, which is an American hilarious comedy show. It is a television series (program) owned and hosted by the ex husband of Mariah Carey and the big star in the popular movie ‘DrumLine’ known as Nick Cannon. The show started on July 28, 2005, MTV.

MTV announced that the tv series would be returning in 2013 after a break of six years. The series features up coming comedians mostly blacks, along with its original host. Because of the high number of viewers of the show, it was rated the most viewed show of MTV.

Nick Cannon
He’s a real Wild ‘N Out bust N**ga, look at the write-up on his arm less shirt and wall behind him

MTV re-announced the return of the tv series Wild ‘N Out on June 9, which would be the 8th season. The show Wild ‘N Out season was premiered on august 2016.

The show puts 2 guys against each other in a kind of curse battle, pretty hilarious isn’t it, the winner advances until he reaches the final round called ‘WILD STYLE’ which the guy with the hottest punchline (freestyle rapt ) wins.

The Wild ‘N Out TV series also features a musical performance. sometimes the musical performance is been held before the final battle ‘Wild Style’. After the second season the show was being held in Holywood.

The show features artist like Nick Cannon, Anthony Bean, DJ D-Wreck, Becky Robinson, Billy, Charlie Clips, Cory Holcomb, and many more. Go to MTV and get yourself busy with some hilarious episodes, have fun.

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