Recently the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account posted a video and though, it’s still in Japanese, there are subtitles now. Watch below!

This is the week of Electronic Entertainment Expo, and for sure big surprises are expected as always. But we were astonished to get one of the amazing ones even before Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences even began.

The big surprise is the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix’s long-awaited follow-up in its cross-over Disney franchise. The company debuted the trailer yesterday evening on its Japanese YouTube channel, though it’s easy to make out what’s going on with the game’s lead hero, Sora.

The adventure begins with him diving his way into the battlefield, so you can really see the broad scope of the level design that goes into the game. From there, then launches into a plethora of attacks, with lightning strikes, glowing fists and his combo attacks that vanishes his foes. When in rage he can also lock on to multiple enemies and unleash what appears to be a fireworks-style attack that hits everyone around him.

Mean while, Goofy joins the fun, giving a helping hand to Sora launch into some aerial attacks. Then you will see Pete and Maleficent pop in, and apparently they’re on the hunt for a mysterious black box. Since, you know, villains and all. Zeus from Hercules also shows up – which means we’re likely to get James Woods handling voice-over for the U.S. version once again.

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However, we don’t known what the bad guys are talking about just yet, but then the action cuts to Sora rushing along a mountainside, barely avoiding a boulder while working to defeat enemies. And, yes, Donald Duck appears as well, confirming his return to the series alongside Goofy.

The ending of the trailer unveils that Sora is trying to bring Roxas back, at which point he’s asked, “Are you ready to call upon the darkness?” Ooooooooh.

This trailer really unleashes fire within its two minute running time, and there’s a good chance we could see even more footage in days to come, with Kingdom Hearts III likely to get a U.S. based clip, probably during Sony’s press conference…or maybe even Microsoft’s.

But we’re in for an even longer trailer soon enough, as a new one will make its debut at D23 Expo on July 15, 2017, along with…a whole new world! Maybe then we’ll also get a release date as well.

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