Kanye West and Adidas have given us a huge clue that they may be releasing a new range of Yeezy 350 and 750 boots for football. The Good Music champ rapper, ” Kanye West ” who just held his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show in New York , appears to be making a deviation into sports, after Adidas teased their latest Yeezy collaboration on Twitter.

Though, we don’t know when, where or if the boots will be released currently, however, we do know that Adidas have told fans to “stay tuned for further updates”


It was stated that the new pair of Kanye West rumoured Yeezy boots would be a tiger-stripe design with an orange printed stripe across the toe. From our perspective, it would be nice to have a fresh outline in the Adidas Yeezy collection, especially, considering the facf that Yeezy brand has barely matched any clothing since Yeezy Season 1 debuted in October 2015.
Now, the mere fact that the Adidas Originals brand has not made any specifics about the new shoes yet means it’s probably the re-designed 350s.

Nevertheless, the outline seen in the above tweet seems to suggest that the V2 Yeezys are more than the OGs that debuted in 2015.





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