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Jose Mourinho returning to Chelsea with ‘no bad feelings’; John Terry fit for United clash

Jose Mourinho said “I don’t expect a negative reaction, even going with a United badge,” in an interview.

The former Chelsea manager ‘Jose Mourinho,’ who was officially sacked from managing Chelsea in December, said he would be on his way back to Stamford Bridge with his new team which is Manchester United team on Sunday without any “bad feelings”.

The Special One believes he can’t be removed from Chelsea’s history, because he won three Premier League trophies, while he was in-charge of the team. He also said he would forever be grateful to the fans for their support.

On Friday television interview, Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports that “To be sacked is football,”. “In modern football especially it can happen to anyone.

He continued “If it was a club where I gave nothing, I think it would have been more difficult. When I leave a club when in two different periods I gave titles, and gave the fans some of the best moments they have had, then you leave with the feeling ‘I have done my job’,” the big manager added.

“I don’t think they want to, but even if they want to, they couldn’t delete me from Chelsea history. They belong to my history too…,no bad feelings.”

Jose Mourinho, the former manager of Chelsea who was steering the Stamford Bridge ship from the year 2004 to 2007 and later in 2013 to 2015, said he left the club gently in December, without cursing.

“The owner of Chelsea ‘Roman Abramovich’ decided to sack me, the fans, they have no power,” he added. “They showed day by day, match after match, that they wanted me but in this profile of club the fans have no power.”

Mourinho believes he will receive a good reception from the Chelsea fans on Sunday. “I don’t expect a negative reaction, I’m even going with a United badge,” he said. “There is no reason for a bad reaction. It doesn’t matter about their reaction, I’ll be grateful always. We shared lots of good moments and histories, then concluded that only bad moments were easy to remember and that they stuck with him.

“We played a Champions League game at home last season after a home defeat. People were talking about a sacking and for the whole match they were just singing my name in support,” added Mourinho. “There was never a bad word after a bad match or a bad result. I always felt incredible support during the bad moments so I shall be grateful forever,” Mourinho said.

Chelsea are currently 5th, ahead of Manchester United with 2 points, in this season’s Premier League.

John Terry fit To Play Against Jose Mourinho Manchester United On Sunday


Jose Mourinho

We learned that John Terry has fully recovered from the ankle injury he sustained from a previous match and that he will be playing for his Chelsea side against Manchester United. It was confirmed by Chelsea manager Antonio Conte on Friday.

The Chelsea captain John Terry, who has not played any match since early September, he couldn’t train with his teammates on Thursday because he provoked the injury but manager Conte said would be ready for the match against Jose Mourinho’s United side.

“John is in good shape,” Conte told a news conference. “He trained with the team (on Friday). He solved his problem with his ankle. He’s available for the game.”

Terry has been out of action for five weeks after suffering an injury against Swansea City, though, he made the bench list for last weekend’s 3-0 defeat of the defending champions ‘Leicester City’.

Mourinho’s Stamford Bridge return, nearly a year after he was sacked would add an extra fun to this year’s season. The Special One is the most successful manager Chelsea ever had, though he wasn’t the one that gave them their Champions league trophy.

In conclusion, Conte said “I want to see progress on Sunday compared with the Liverpool and Arsenal games and I am confident I will”. “It will be a tactical game on Sunday but the fans have a big part to play and can be an advantage. I have great respect for Mourinho,” he continued. “He deserves a good reception. He was an important man for Chelsea and wrote part of the club’s story.”

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