For about 9 months, Isis has lost quit a good areas of its territory to Iraqi soldiers supported by American air strikes and recent ground support.

A Discussion About How Isis Lost Some Of Its Territory

The Territory that Isis has lost was estimated to be more than third quarter of its formerly controlled territory to Iraqi and Syrian Soldiers based on the data analysis showed.

The released analysis by the defense analyst ‘IHS’ reviewed that the territory now controlled by the Islamic group fighters ‘Isis’ has been shrink-ed badly, they couldn’t withstand heavy well organized counter attacks and heavy rainfall of airstrikes, pushing back the Jihadist fighters.

However, the speed in which Isis were formerly losing territory, has reduced as Russia slowed down in their airstrike against Isis targeted areas, but still Isis has lost a good proportion of its area to Iraqi and Syrian soldiers.

The released analysis showed that the percentage of airstrikes, formerly targeted at Isis strong hold was 26 per cent, but reduced due to its increment in airstrikes targeted at rebels in Aleppo, I guess Russia wanted to balance the airstrikes. To balance the airstrikes. Making the Jihadist group to lose about 1,080 sq miles, it ain’t much.


Alex Kokcharov the Russia analyst principal at ‘IHS’ told BBC that “Last  September, President Vladimir Putin said it was Russia’s mission to fight international terrorism and specifically Isis”.

“Russia’s priority is to provide military support to the Assad government and, most likely, transform the Syrian civil war from a multi-party conflict into a binary one between the Syrian government and jihadist groups like Isis; thereby undermining the case for providing international support to the opposition.”

The Jihadist Group Determined To Fight To Finish

The Al-assad’s fighters and Russian soldiers have been accused of war crimes during their back-to-back air strike in Aleppo.The British, French and US ambassadors to the United Nations angrily stood up and left the emergency recess of the Security Council last week.

Their reason being that their Syrian counterpart rose to defend the assault which has included attacks on aid convoys and hospitals.

IHS senior analyst called Columb Strack, said that, though the Jihadist group has lost a large area of its former territory, in his words ” the decline in Isis’s territory since July is relatively modest in scale, but unprecedented in their strategic significance”.

He also said that “The loss of direct road access to cross border which Isis use as their smuggling routes into Turkey has severely restricted them access and ability to recruit new fighters from abroad, while the Iraqi government is poised to launch its offensive on Mosul.”

The key Qayyarah Airbase has been secured by the Iraqi forces, as they now push confused jihadist fighters back into Mosul.



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