Guides on how to use iPhone Screen lock free iOS app for androids and tablets, first you will have to slide to unlock screen, then follow the instructions below…

Set iPhone lock screen style.

Then you set Pass-code to unlock screen, enable/ disable pass-code,

Use the Comprehensive settings for personalization.

Highly simulate the Phone 7, 7s theme.

You can enable or disable Sound.

iPhone screen lock

Set  iPhone Screen Lock Pass-code to increase security

  • you can either enable or disable wifi, On or Off flash light
  • Change device brightness, open camera in lock screen
  • Change screen lock image from your device

iPhone Screen Lock Features

  1. Quick control for turn wifi On and Off, change brightness, increase or decrease volume, turn bluetooth On and Off, open alarm setting from screen lock.
  2. Smooth animation.
  3. Change theme from your device.
  4. Support Android 6 – Marshmallow. It is the best iOS 8 and 9 app for android devices .
  5. Swipe to unlock screen.
  6. Swipe and enter the pass-code to unlock screen.
  7. Change background (choose from 29 backgrounds ).
  8. choose background from gallery.
  9. On/Off lock screen.
  10. On/Off pass-code + change pass-code.
  11. Torch extension included.
  12. Camera extension included.
  13. Cool and smooth Animations.
  14. iPhone locked ios 7 and iphone 5 slide lock.
  15. lock screen number password.

Use the link below to download this amazing free iOS app for Androids


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