This awesome app lets you say hi to a random stranger, with Hello free app you can receive a random anonymous call from interesting people all over the world so you can meet, say hello and speak to someone.

Hello is a very simple voice chat app with a focus on having an anonymous talk with random people nearby or from anywhere in the world. As it does not requires registration it is the fastest way to meet with random people and share your thoughts and moments in a simple and anonymous way.



  • FREE RANDOM CALL: Talk to strangers in an anonymous way and meet new interesting people from far and wide.
  • CHOOSE A LANGUAGE: Looking for some native speakers to learn and practice a language? With Hello you can do just that for free! Choose a random person with your preferred country and let the language learning speaking session begin.
  • INSTANT VOICE CHAT: Want to know what is going on in a country and get to know the natives before traveling there? Talk with interesting strangers and get your questions answered.​
  • CHAT WITHOUT REGISTRATION: Speak without restrictions or without registration, so you can start the anonymous conversations just by installing this app.​
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Enjoy the talking while we protect your anonymity and safety.



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