For some people, that Google Pixel didn’t come with a built-in waterproofing system ain’t a big deal at all. Most Guys don’t see the waterproofing feature as a necessity.

Be it as it may, those of us that have mistakenly dropped our phones in the water-system, might see the Google Pixel, without a waterproofing feature as an abomination of new Era phones.

But, because we do understand how important waterproofing your phone might be, we have taken our time to give you a detailed guide against water for your Google Pixel.

Lets Checkout Some Cool Waterproof Case For Your Google Pixel

The Best option for waterproofing your Google Pixel is to slide it into a waterproof case. This way, you still get full use of your phone without fear of liquid or water.

. LifeProof FRĒ

Google Pixel
Google Pixel life proof FRE

LifeProof FRĒ is a Google Pixel waterproof Case, that is the answer and insurance of Pixel against the element of life. The case company claims that their products are waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof (from a reasonable height), so, with your Pixel safe from all these listed above, what else are you afraid of.

This is likely my best recommended case for you, if you’re looking to waterproof your Pixel and protect it from other perils.

Universal waterproof phone bags are other unique way you can protect your Pixel phone from the peril of water and dust. These Waterproof bags ain’t a very lasting solution, so you may have to use more than one for a week. But, it works well in the beach, when you want to go hiking, water proof bag should do the trick.

. JOTO waterproof bag case

Google Pixel
Google Pixel JOTO water proof

JOTO’s waterproof bag a very good guide against water and dust. It is rated IPX8. What it means is that this bag can keep your phone safe under water for as long as you can imagine. They also alleged that it can go as deep as 100 feet.

This waterproof phone bag also gives you access to use your Pixel camera via its clear window. The clear window is attached to both the front and back of the JOTO waterproof. The waterproof bag for phones is designed to take 6 inches size phones, so, your Pixel is good to go.

Well my bonus for you, if you treasure your Google Pixel, keep it away from rain, whenever the weather is threatening to rain, don’t go out with your pixel. Keep your Pixel away from the bathroom and toilet, it might sound a kind of funny and dramatic but it a good practice to avoid your pixel from getting wet. Enjoy one of the leading smartphone.


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