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Almost everything can be done online, Starting from education, video call, conference meeting, dating, and many more. Virtual is everything to some, and there is nothing anyone can do about it, rather than join the trend, a good example of this trend is Google Hangouts.

Our concentration is the video part of it, The center of our discussion is Google Hangouts, it’s connected to Google+.

The problem is that not everyone, know how to use this Google Hangouts. To others, it’s a mystery. Am here to help. Its a live streaming video platform. To help you understand this video platform, let me introduce you into Google Hangouts.

There are two different types of hangout, which are Hangouts On Air and the Hangouts.

Hangouts are Mainly for only private video chats, which could be between a single person or group of person. It’s very private, only those involved have access to it.

While Hangouts On Air, as the name implies is accessible by the public. Anybody can view it, and it can be recorded to your youtube channel in as much as you affiliated your Google+ account with your youtube account. All you have to do is invite people or circles to join the hangouts.

Note that the maximum number of persons is 10. You can’t invite much people to join the hangout on air, but it is being viewed by the public.

This video helps you to start a hangout and even teach you how to embed it into your own site.

Important Things To Know About Google Hangouts

The green icon that appears on the upper right of your Google+ account page is Hangouts icon. While the yellow icon on the left sidebar of your Google+ account page is the Hangouts on Air icon.

Take note, the home button on the top Take note, this yellow icon will appear when you click the Home icon on the upper left corner of your screen.

You can mute and unmute yourself while on a hangout. especially when you guys are on group chat.

To  add an external headphone for sound support and more fun, even microphones ain’t left out.

You can also use the earbuds of your smartphone to access sounds and for support. Light source is suppose to be in front of you not back.

If  you the host in a hangout, try to make it simple for others to join the chat, and to have a good video view.

For the Hangout On Air you can include a youtube video or even embed the video in the Google+ account page or your site. People need to know that they are invited, to do this you need to copy the URL of the HOA, you either message or paste it for them, if they didn’t see the notification.

For some, it’s everything, for others, it’s just a social media. What is it to you, a piss of junk? well I have a friend that uses the Google Hangouts more than he uses his phone. It’s a very strong bond he, take-away his Google Hangouts and you’ve taken-away his life. What is Google Hangouts to You?


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