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Google Chrome browser is a speedy browser that includes one of the leading standards support, a very strong security features, and a nice interface. but it’s disappointing to say that it’s no longer the fastest browser because some other browsers like Mozilla Firefox are on-top of the game in terms of speed and other cool features.

Google Chrome Web browser is the leading software when it comes to browsers consuming web content, just as Google also leads in search engine,  maps, and many more. chrome has also reached this position among browsers because of some of its excellent qualities which include speed,  security, simplicity, and a leading support that meet the new Web-code standards.

However, it’s a big World of competition among browsers, adding new features to their browsers to meet the new market standard, Google Chrome once lead the group, but not for long, as Mozilla Firefox surpassed it in terms of speed, simplicity, battery consumption and other cool features.

How Google Chrome Installs Its Extensions

When you install an extension, a tool-tip will pop up showing an icon either in the address bar or as an added Menu button next to the default page and menu. extensions, like the RSS reader, don’t install icons, while others will add choices to Chrome browser’s options dialog. The trivial issue I am having with Chrome Extensions, is that, unlike Mozilla Firefox, you can’t sort your downloads from the top in the download store.  Another one is that it doesn’t offer Extensions security and privacy category.

How Google’s Chrome Interface Appears

Chrome was the first to start the trend of minimizing browser interfaces. All other software browsers followed or should I say copied, it reached a point where minimizing interface can’t be said to be chrome’s leading advantage. Microsoft Edge the new Windows 10 in-built browser uses less Chrome. Just like Chrome other software browsers have started using only one menu button for options accessing, just like Mozilla Firefox chrome has a feature that allows you apply your desired theme to change your window border background.

Google Chrome
How Google Chrome Interface Appears With A big Google Logo

Well, to me, I think Chrome has done quit well with the associated features of their software, though Mozilla Firefox still leads the way, but I think Chrome ain’t done with their features developments and style, watch out of chrome, it might just surprise, us.



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