We know that WhatsApp was bought buy the Billionaire “Mark Zuckerberg” the owner of the Giant Social Media “Facebook”. Right now it is the World’s most latest app trying to copy Snapchat if not beat it, well only time can tell.

Lets Look At New WhatsApp In-Built Features

  • WhatsApp has a recent camera update, it’s not business as usual, has it now allows Android user to customize images and videos with doodles, plain text or emojis such as emoticons and stickers. the astonishing part of this new WhatsApp is that it allows you to personalize and edit both old and new media, which can either be snapped photos, or clips and images gotten from gallery.
  • When you snap a new photo select from your gallery, you will see multiple icons on the top of your phone screen, which will enable you edit your photo. Same thing is applicable to videos, and it doesn’t end there, you can filter them, giving them amazing colors and styles, you can also change the font of your captions.
  • However, this didn’t just stop there, they went further to add more and more incredible features to this awesome app by giving the camera an attribute of face recognition and available Android phones flash that enables you to take a perfect selfie even in low light condition or in total blackout.
  • This WhatsApp update has in-built features such as new touch gestures, so that you can be able to zoom in and out while recording videos either by sliding your finger up or down on the screen. Further more, if you want to switch between either front or rear camera all you have to do is double tap your phone’s screen. The developers went on to say that this developments will also be available on iPhones.
newly updated whatsapp app with latest features to meet the markets taste

It’s a  World of competition, when you event something, others follow with the purpose of beating your creation, and that’s just the way it is, Snapchat is being gradually pushed back by new social media apps with same features even they’re all copying from Snapchat.

Go to WWW.WhatsApp.Com To Download.



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