Viber is a messenger application that is very fast, it is simple and it is a great fun. It is as fast as texting and Blackberry pinging, and the difference is unlike the later, it’s free.

Viber messenger makes use of your phone’s internet connection either Wi-Fi or your data plan to let you send text messages to friends and loved ones, share your photos and videos, add your choice of lovely stickers, you can also make voice calls and video chats and there are all for free.

Amazing Features Of Viber

  • SEND FREE MESSAGES OF ANY KIND: With this app you can Send text messages, snap photos and shoot videos and it works whether with self-timers or not, you can also draw doodles, share your locations, record audio messages and send files of your choice.
  • MAKE FREE AUDIO CALLS & VIDEO CHATS: With HD CHigh Definition) sound quality, including international calls(between two different countries).
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH FUN STICKERS: Some of Viber’s built-in features include nice stickers and Emoticons for your expression of emotions, what a fun!
  • GROUP CHATS: You can creat a group chat just like whatsapp and social medias with more than 200 participants, you guys can like your messages as well just like Facebook.
  • DELETE A MESSAGE: You can delete a message even after it has been sent!
  • CROSS-PLATFORM SUPPORT: You can use Viber messenger on your tablet and on your smartphone simultaneously. Viber messenger Supports Android tablets, Android Wear, PC, Linux, Mac, iPads and Apple Watch.

  • GET STARTED QUICKLY: On this app you don’t need to use any username or any login. just activate using your phone number and instantly integrate your contact list.
  • SECURED COMMUNICATIONS & CONTACTS AUTHENTICATION: Viber messenger is automatically end-to-end encrypted. Messages, calls, photos, videos and group chats including cross-platform messages are now end-to-end encrypted.
  • TRUSTED CONTACTS: Manually authenticate contacts to evade a man-in-the-middle-attack.
  • HIDDEN CHATS: It enables you to hide specific chats  that you don’t want to display on  your message screen.
  • PLAY VIBER GAMES: You can Play games online with friends and know reaches the the highest score.
  • EXTRA FEATURES: You can follow viber public chats, share contacts, know if people have seen your messages, turn on location and many more.



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