The Ring sequel Rings is by far the best and scariest movie in modern horror. The first one was done many years ago, can’t really remember the specifics, but it was made about thirteen years ago. This film puts a stigma in persons, making them fear darkness.

As it has become a norm with movie franchises these days, you can’t keep a profitable one down for long. Thirteen years after the previous installment, The Ring Two, we are finally getting a follow up. Surprisingly, and gratefully, this ain’t a reboot or re-imagining, but a straightforward sequel, just that it didn’t feature Naomi Watts, who was one of the only good things about the second movie.

The third film, the upcoming Rings, follows a relatively new tradition where we choose shorter and honestly less interesting names for our horror sequels.


For one the Rings trailer has an awesome and modest length. Its beginning of the year release date where studio movies go to die, like those cats who wander out into the woods when they know their time’s up. The fact is that this film has been pushed back more times than I can count, it will be safe to say that this movie… might not be very good. But Still, the set pieces look quite impressive, and I’m curious about how Vincent D’Onofrio fits into the proceedings.

The film Rings will be released on the third of February, 2017.

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