Six years ago, actor Denzel Washington and Viola Davis starred in a Broadway revival of August Wilson’s Fences. And Now they also being featured in the play’s film adaptation, which Washington directed.

Fences is a Major American Play, and all thanks to Washington that this film finally makes it to the screen, it was worth every wait.

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Fences tells the story of Troy and Rose Maxson, married couple living in Pittsburgh in the 1950s. Troy was a sanitation worker, who was having an affair with Rose, and along the play Rose begins to realize what she has given up by staying with her husband.

Fences is part of Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, a 10 play series that explore and narrates the African-American experience in the decade of the 20th century. Wilson was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize for the play in 1987, and now both Washington and Davis have both been on the Golden Globe nominations list for their well performed roles in the film. The actors spoke to NPR’s Michel Martin about what Wilson’s work means to them and how they approached their characters.

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