The Facebook Messenger Camera Updates features photo filters, masks and stickers. With the Christmas holidays around the corner, Facebook couldn’t wait to announce new features for its Messenger camera to add up the fun of sharing videos with friends.

Facebook alleges that this new camera will be faster and easier-to-use, that it will be functioning as an alternative to the keyboard. Every day about 2.5 billion photos, stickers, emojis, and videos are being shared on Facebook Messenger, the may even rise with the introduction of these new features for the Facebook Messenger camera.

The Facebook Messenger camera can be easily accessed; All you need to do is long press on the shutter button in the main Messenger screen to record a video. You can add 3D masks and special effects, that are similar to the ones found on Snapchat.

Although, some of this newly added features do some-how resemble those found on most popular social network for sharing videos. This means that Facebook is doing its best to keep its users from ditching Messenger by adding this awesome features. This move coincides with the debut of the holiday season, a time when people communicate more and share more multimedia files.

Facebook is also introducing more thousand stickers, frames, masks and effects for videos, stating that it has “worked with artists and influencers all over the world and these artists have added their own touch to the customization tools you can now use in Messenger.”

However, Facebook Messenger Camera update ain’t just the only change to Messenger, Facebook added a section with a blank canvas for adding art and stickers to text messages. This enables users to bring their own personal touch to text messages.

Early this month, Facebook made updates for its Android app adding an HD video uploads and easier notification browsing for all users, passing a message accross that the social media giant are focusing more on visual messaging tools.

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