Today’s third debate, which was the last debate, was held in Las Vegas. It was rated the most essential so far, but it later resulted into a mutual war between the two contestants Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Either way, they were both hammered with questions in relation with verse subject matters, that deals on women’s rights, Russian sponsored hacks, and about the fairness of the electoral system.

In something that seems to look like the most controversial moment of the debate, Donal Trump refuses to say he will accept the election result, with a response, that “he will look at it at the time,” that until then he planned to keep voters “in suspense”.

Along the line, Trump called Hilary Clinton ‘nasty woman,’ that didn’t go so well, as it didn’t tell much of how temper controlling person Donald Trump is.


Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton wins the final presidential debate against Trump

Hillary Clinton said she was appalled by Donald Trump’s unprecedented refusal to commit to yielding of the election result, should he lose, saying that, it is “horrifying”, she also said “That is not the way our democracy works.”

The number of his polls of fallen drastically within three weeks to the election day. Judging by head-to-head analysis, this was Trump’s last chance to redeem his previous bad debates.

The former secretary of state took a good advantage of her experience in government. She strives to present a beter picture of how the country will increase economically and the necessary campaigns.

Trump did kept his temper in check, though, he did used some “languages,” when he called Hilary Clinton a “nasty woman,” maybe it was a lose of tongue, but then he also accused the media of “poisoning the minds of voters”.

All thanks to the moderator Chris Wallace of the Fox News for a good job, he occasionally diverted their attentions from personal issues into governmental affairs.

Hillary Clinton was so passionate about defending women’s right and to support a planned parenthood. She said “I will defend women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions. We have come too far to have that turned back now”.


The property developer’s comment in an attempt to counter Ms Clinton’s assertions, that he would be a puppet to the Russian Government, was, that he ain’t in support of any foreign power’s attempt to disrupt the electoral process, but he also refused to agree with the conclusion that the Russian government were responsible for multiple U.S. intelligence service hacks.

Moderator Mr Wallace also raised the dust of sexual assault allegations that were leveled against Donald Trump. The allegations were brought by nine women during the previous debate. Trump denied it, saying that the stories were “totally false”, and that the women were either seeking attention by looking for 10 minutes fame or that they were hired to campaign against him.

He added that “I didn’t even apologize to my wife, because I didn’t do anything”.

A CNN conducted conducted test showed that it was a closer contest than the past two debates, but that once more Clinton emerged the winner, by 52 per cent to 39 per cent.

The issues of how they planned on upgrading the economy was raised. The Republican said that he would cut down tax massively, while the Democrat said she would raise taxes but specifically for those earning above  $250,000.

It ended on Immigration issues, Trump talked on tightening the borders against criminal Mexicans, While Clinton talked on how she will initiate a better immigration system upon her resumption to office.



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