Taylor Kinney, who played as Lieutenant Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire, is helping the series to mark its 100th episode, on Tuesday.

“It took a while to get a sustainable (ratings) number where we were like, ‘OK, we’re in the clear. We’re good,'” Taylor Kinney said.

Taylor Kinney, who is currently in his thirties, is very proud that Chicago Fire has led the way for more TV and film production in the windy city.

“Now there’s ‘Empire’ (on Fox), the four ‘Chicago’ shows, ‘Exorcist’ (also on Fox). It’s just done so much for the city and I think maybe for a long time it was underrated as a backdrop or a place to tell stories, but there’s no lack of cinematography of where you can shoot and how to use the city. … I couldn’t count how many people locally it employs,” he added.

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The location where Chicago Fire was shot helped members of the cast, which such as Jesse Spencer, Monica Raymund and Eamonn Walker, to bond together.

“It created this familial atmosphere. We were forced to hang out and do things the first season whereas if you do something in LA or New York, it’s more of a work environment,” he said. “… We didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know anyone, maybe one or two people, but you spend time with these people. Someone’s like, ‘I’m gonna have dinner’ or ‘I’m gonna have a poker night,’ and then it happened where we all just kind of enjoy each other’s company,” Taylor Kinney said.

Taylor Kinney also added he’s now a friend to real-life police officers and firefighters.

“I can’t count how many. My appreciation has grown,” he continued.

Being in Chicago also provides some anonymity. Kinney, who was engaged to Lady Gaga until their split earlier this year, said he doesn’t really get followed by paparazzi there.

“People are pretty gentle in Chicago.” Taylor Kinney said.


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