When you have constipation it means that your intestinal motions are either severe or rare in occurrence than normal. It occurs when food in the tract takes too much water while in the colony of the colon.

There-by slowing down the movement of food via the digestive tract, it takes more time in absorbing the water. Therefore, resulting to a dry and hard feces. The reasons behind it are many, and in-other to be in a safer side, one should avoid many medicines. Instead, natural remedies should be used.

constipation can be simultaneously caused by different things.

The following list are the most common causes constipation

1. Prescribed Medications


Almost every medicines have side effects. Which could be direct or indirect effects. Many drugs like anti-depressant, blood pressure etc. can cause constipation. To be in a safer side avoid this particular drugs and try their alternatives. If you are facing severe constipation because of the use of any of these medicines, waste no time informing your doctor about. Avoid prescribing your dosage.

2. Chocolate


Chocolates are nice, sweet and the favorite of many people but it also causes constipation in some ways. Some people becomes constipated when they consume much chocolates. We are aware that it will be very difficult for lovers of chocolates to completely abstain from it, but they can reduce the amount of intake to avoid being constipated. It may sound bad for those with sweet teeth. But if chocolates is not compatible with your body, my advice is complete abstinence from it.

3. Laxative


Laxatives can temporary ease or reduce constipation but it doesn’t permanently kill it, as a constipated patient is likely to re-suffer it in the nearest future.

There might be a time when the person may require much amounts of laxatives to move the intestines. And in some cases, the intestine may become insensitive to laxatives and this may cause the person to be unable to move the bowel, even with laxatives.

4. Undiagnosed Medical Conditions


The colon and rectum will slow down and the movement of the stool will be affected because of the constipation and this will result to anus diseases. So many health conditions can lead to this disease. The most common causes, especially among young individuals, is hypothyroidism. Those who are constipated may also be affected by thyroid stimulation of the metabolism, when it’s not in proper working condition, it results in the slowing down of the bowel and the colon movement.

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Constipation can lead to other diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory hallucinations, celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, and even some specific cancer. There is this saying on quote ” to before worn, is to before harm”. The most important thing to do is to prevent it occurrence.

5. Some Special Hormones


Most women experience this problem of constipation during their pregnancy. This is triggered by special pregnancy hormones in the body. It affects the digestive system. To the point, it is caused by high and low level of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

In relation to pregnancy, the pregnant woman will automatically recover after pregnancy months, but it should be treated during the pregnancy to prevent the complications.

This intestine disease can also be caused by much stress and disturbance, increase or decrease of other hormones. As one gets aged, the hormone levels would either increase or decrease which may cause a shabby feeling. On this note, the patient should consult his/her for the required treatments.

6. Painkillers


Painkiller have done lots of damage especially to our youths, and it’s still counting. Though, it sound effective and some-times the only option for a pain relieve. But this pain killer has many side-effects in the body. I recommend you avoid the painkillers as much as possible because of its side effects. The main side much intake of painkiller is kidney damage and kidney failure.     However, it’s rare for painkiller to cause constipation, but important one doesn’t ignore it. It is recommended to restrict from the use of painkillers for more than 30 days.

7. Low-carb Diets


Every over-weighted person wants to loss weight. The best way to quickly and effectively achieve weight loss, one needs to avoid much intake low-carb diet. It is suggested that one tries the possible best to balance meal consumption.

Though, it is very difficult to, but much or less meal consumption might lead to a problem in the body system. People makes mistake while trying to be on special diet in-other to loss weight, there-by avoiding healthy food because they want to lose weight.

They avoid meat, fruits and vegetables because they think it’s high in carbs whereas they ignore the other rich components of it. Doctors recommend having vegetables with a high content of fiber and low in fats. As all carbs are not same so include healthy carbs obtained from fruits and vegetables and avoid those carbs which are found in unhealthy food like sweets, junk food etc.

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