Just like the Arizona Cardinals that are hosting the Washington Redskins, a must watch matchup is the one between the Washington receiver Jamison Crowder and safety Tyvon Branch.

Tyvon Branch is to be featured in his first game after recovering from injury. He had subsequently being reserved, but this time, he will jump right into his initial role as nickel corner for Cardinals because Tyrann Mathieu may not be playing.

Jamison Crowder has been the ‘Hit-Man’ and a big-play receiver for Washington. He made 55 receptions for 725 yards and six touchdowns, which leads the team.

The Cardinals have not being in their best of form as they struggled with secondary and slot receivers this season, It was partly caused by Tyvon Branch absent because of his injury. Mathieu has not been 100 percent fit and Marcus Cooper has been struggling to adapt with playing inside.

Things have been partially going fine for the Cardinals player Jamison Crowder as he did most of his damage this season on third down. His receptions spreads out nicely between all three downs (17 on first down, 19 on second down and 19 again on third down), but he made 311 of his 725 receiving yards on third down and half of his six scores.

To the point, third and 10 is where he made his best plays. He made eight catches in 164 yards and two scores on third and 10.

Another thing is that he is always the main target when the team is trailing. When Washington is losing, he made catches of 36 passes for 462 yards and three touchdowns.

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Jamison Crowder is small but very fast. Tyvon Branch has speed, strength and height, he’s a good fighter. He was very good and solid in the slot before he suffered injury.

If The Cardinals super man Tyvon Branch can keep Crowder from making the big play, that will be big for Arizona. It is one of those matchups that one doesn’t need to miss because it will be filled with actions and breathe-take.


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