Fans are really rallying around the actor Brendan Fraser and his Hollywood career. It’s being quit long since we last saw the face of “The Mummy” actor on Hollywood movies.

The ’90s movie heart throb “Brendan Fraser” is getting a lot of attention for his new role on Showtime’s for a movie titled “The Affair” as Gunther, a mysterious prison guard who has caused Noah (Dominic West) to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
In interviews held recently about the role of Fraser especially a particularly quirky interview with AOL talk show, Build, earlier this month, has both the media and fans revisiting the actor’s long list of past Hollywood roles, which includes movies like the blockbuster film “The Mummy,” “School Ties,” “Encino Man,” “Gods and Monsters,” “Bedazzled,” and “Blast From the Past.”

Fans are even greatly hoping to help boost Fraser’s return to the industry with a petition on As of the publishing of this article, about 7,400 people have signed the petition to implore entertainment companies to give Brendan Fraser more work.

Currently the media have joined the campaign on the growing fascination with Brendan Fraser’s acting career. The Tribeca Film Festival website recently toured the best movies of his career with an article called, “Brendan Fraser – The star that Hollywood forgot,” and there are post flying around and making wave in the internet titled “Why Hollywood won’t cast Fraser anymore, to me Brendan Fraser is a Natural!

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