Disturbed citizens have repeatedly called for Nigeria’s government to bring back the missing girls.The Islamist militant group known as Boko Haram has freed 21 Chibok schoolgirls, according to Nigerian government.

This said girls were alleged to have been released after a deal was transacted between the Jihadist group, the International Red Cross and Swiss government.

The number of the girls taken by the Boko Haram group were estimated to be around 270 schoolgirls that were kidnapped from their school located in northern region of Nigerian in a town called Chibok.

about a dozens of kidnapped girls have since escaped captivity, though, most of this stories are yet to be approved. In respect of both the freed and those that escaped, about 200 girls should still be in captive of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The Nigeria president Mahammadu Buhari said that negotiations would continue to bring home the rest of the girls still in captive.

The minister of information ‘Lai Mohammed’ told reporters that “It is the first step in what we believe will be the release of all the girls.”


Though he refused to tell reporters whether the government swapped imprisoned Boko Haram fighters for the 21 freed girls, saying he ain’t aware of any ransom being paid.

Further more, the President’s spokesman, ‘Garba Shehu’ said that the release was as a result of “the outcome of negotiations between the administration and Islamist militants”, according to the BBC.

The Switzerland government helped to facilitate the contacts between representatives of the Nigerian government and the Boko Haram intermediates after a request from Abuja. It was confirmed by a spokeswoman’s statement.


Boko Haram
deserted families seek for help and refuge in an open air.

“We have nothing to add,” she said, when asked if it had been a prisoner swap.

The 21 freed Boko Haram captives were released at 5.30 am on Thursday and have been rushed to hospitals in the capital territory Abuja for medical check-ups by to doctors and psychologists, Mr Mohammed said.

The previous government started a large-scale offensive in the Sambisa forest, which was a stronghold and a rumored place of captives for the Chibok girls in an attempt to free the girls, and to end insurgency.

The Nigerian Military were assisted by troops from neighboring countries, in an attempt to thwart insurgency, and put an to the misery and dismay of the Boko Haram group. They have succeeded in recapturing of some of the territories that formerly belonged to the Islamist fighters.

A video was published by the extremist group showing the footage of the kidnapped girls and the leader of the group who was formerly injured in a battle between soldiers. They alleged that some of the girls have been killed by airstrikes.

In conclusion, who might thought that negotiation with terrorist could ever be considered as an option, but you can’t deny the results, lets hope for more positive result from the Nigeria government.



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