It was a very bad day for Barcelona as they experience a very shocking and chaotic 4-3 defeat from Celta Vigo at the Estadio Balaidos ( stadium Balaidos ).

Barcelona performance was very poor and disjointed and I think this is like their worst display for the year. While they were still losing 4-3 to Celta Vigo. Luis Enrique Barca’s manager made some risky substitution in other to revive his teams spirit, but it didn’t make much impact, as Celta Vigo maintained their focus.

Though, Barcelona had some few chances to punish Celta Vigo but they failed, leaving only a quit fantastic ball pass display, but I don’t think that’s what fans craved for, they want a win, but relentless Celta Vigo denied them just that.

Barca’s team showed much improvements and were better in the second half of the Game. They maintained a strong fighting spirit in the second half and should I say it’s luck or the strength of their opposing team that denied them victory, they struggled from behind from a 3-0 down to finish with a 3-4 lose to this fighters ( Celta Vigo ).

Gerard Pique’s strength and courage in the second half was great but, I didn’t safe them so, I think it will be right if I say that this justified the saying that nearly can not kill a bird, But what can I say it’s Football where anything is posible.

Watch match highlight as Celta Vigo punish Barcelona

Barcelona’s Mistake

Judging with the two Barca’s previous match in Champions league and Spanish league, I think they are passing an implied message to the World that it will be very difficult or impossible for them to have a flawless and struggle free win without Lionel Messi,and I think that other clubs will not wast time to capitalize on this their vulnerability.

Luis Enrique really have much to do, starting with imbibing the spirit of individual tiger in them, letting them know that their victory doesn’t depend on any one person.


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