After Arsenal side  lost to Jurgen Klopp on the opening day, the Premier League’s exciting new band of young coaches are threatening to retire Wenger early.

After coaching Arsenal for twenty years and 1000 league games appearance, as a young bright coach, Arsene Wenger faces a first-time challenge that could define the late years of his career.

I think it’s a battle of old v new which will define this season’s title competition, with arch-rivals Wenger and Jose Mourinho finding themselves as bedmates but on opponenting teams.

In Italy’s league where 24 coaches compete, just six had won a trophy since Euro 2012. Twelve had won nothing in over a decade. Antonio Conte was the only coach to have won a major league in the last five years.

There was a feeling at Euro 2016 that the likes of Conte, who pulled off incredible results against Belgium and Spain despite having the weakest Italy squad in history, were retiring the old guard of Roy Hodgson, Vicente del Bosque et al. and their outdated ideas.

Conte is a very dynamic coach, he’s flrxible, he knows how to celebrate and he’s quite young. The arrival of the Italian, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp in England, has made it not just the strongest league but the strongest competition in world of football in regard to coaching.

Arsene Wenger has never played against Antonio Conte or any team he has coached but he has played a good number of matches against Chelsea.


For many years Chelsea vs Arsenal has been a clash of titans not just for the players but for their managers as well. Wenger was the first foreign coach to win the Premier League, an innovator, while Mourinho was the next wave of bright young manager to arrive from overseas and he took over the league in terms of both personality and raw success in the mid-2000s.

Is Arsenal manager Wenger capable withstanding the fires of the Premier League’s new coaching generation, or will he be exposed by the zest and aggressiveness of Conte as he was by Jurgen Klopp on the opening day of the season?

I think Wenger will and is prepared to take hits from the blues and their legendary manager Conte, what do you think? Use the comment box below.



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