Finally it’s here, finally Apple has released Apple iOS 10.2 and what makes the news great is that Apple company decided to keep one of the best easter eggs from the betas.

Mine through the 100s of new emoji in the Apple iOS 10.2 and you’ll certainly find two emoji’s described as ‘Male Singer’ and ‘Female Singer’, but even a glance through will tell you that these are no generic singers.

What Apple is trying to do, is to pay tribute to the great, genre-busting and now sadly departed David Bowie.

Apple iOS 10.2 contains two emoji named ‘Male Singer’ and ‘Female Singer’ which are visible tributes to the late, great David Bowie.

It’s a known fact that Bowie was famous for his androgyny, so male and female emoji counterparts may miss the point somewhat, but still it’s a lovely thing to commemorate as we approach the end of the year which took his life.

Meanwhile, ‘the Bowies’ are just a small part of the many new emojis’ in the Apple iOS 10.2 and even pre-existing emoji have all been redigned with new features. New iPad and iPod and iPhone users will discover different characters, new professions and expressions like facepalm, shrug and fingers crossed as well as new emoji representing sports, food, animals and many more.

In addition, if the reactions of the Public on social media is anything to go by, I don’t think any of this new emojis’ will be received as warmly as the ‘Male Singer’ and ‘Female Singer’ tribute emoji.

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