American Trained SniperAmerican Trained Sniper leading Isis Fighting, even against his home State

The  American Trained Sniper has been elected into the position of minister of war by Isis.Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov received training by the United State when he was Tajikstan’s special police officer .

He has been devoted and trustworthy in carrying out the group’s terror,in return for his devotion and sincerity, he was promoted by the most deadly terrorist group in the World.The American Trained Sniper was once a dedicated Tajikstan’s special police officer, it was in this regard that he was trained by the United State.

The 41-year-old American Trained Sniper replaces Abu Omar al-Shishani, also known as the “Ginger Jihadi”, who was killed in a United Sate airstrike against Isis.

Khalimov has been given the name “Tajik”, after his home nation had appeared in an Isis propaganda video where he pledged to carry out attacks on Russia, the United State and Tajikstan, reported by The New York News.

American Trained Sniper

The Tajik Golmurud Khalimov was elected as the first military commander in Isis. The organization did not announce it officially because it fears that once mentioned, there might be a series of airstrikes against them by the United State,”.


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