Heineken Fashion And Design week has been announced, this is a platform where anyone can become a big model. This Heineken Fashion And Design week event will start its 6th edition from the 26th to 29th October 2016 with Heineken as the major sponsor.

2016 Heineken Lagos fashion And Design Week Announced | Become A Big Model

Heineken Fashion And Design Week is a yearly event. It attracts over 6,000 fashion insiders, including buyers, press, celebrities, models, and special guests.

This event will feature an exciting four day line up, consisting of the Fashion Business Series.  The Heineken  Fashion And Design Week is where anyone can become a big model and it will be occasioned after Party and Africa’s finest fashion design talent.

Heineken Fashion And Design Week continues its partnership with Lagos Fashion & Design Week. This year, the World’s No. 1 International premium beer brand, will continue to break boundaries in creating innovative designs and experiences, which usually last for 4 days.

Heineken Fashion And Design week

Omoyemi Akerele the founder and executive director of Lagos Fashion And Design Week said,

‘Through out the course of the year and continuing this October, our focus has been on ensuring that opportunities abound in the sector for skills acquisition, apparel manufacturing, access to market and more as part of our continued effort to connect the dots within the fashion & economic landscape. The underlying vision has always been to move the conversation beyond fashion towards cultivating a hub of fashion businesses that can contribute to Nigeria’s Creative Economy and for the first time since inception, we are hopeful that this can be achieved.’

Informative seminars will be held across Lagos, Enugu, Calabar and Abuja. Targeted at aspiring and emerging fashion entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 – 35, with a vision to support the professional development of emerging fashion talent in Nigeria.

The Heineken Fashion And Design Week talks will introduce attendees to the various areas of the fashion industry business. Giving them an insight into how it works, and an idea of which area they might like to work in.

The talks also aim to build young people’s awareness about job and career opportunities that are largely unexplored in the fashion sector in Nigeria mostly in the back end, relating to management and technical vocations.  This year, Heineken Fashion And Design Week Focus scouting will take the form of a competitive open process aimed at selecting 5 Fashion Focus candidates for Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2016. Fashion Focus is also supported by African Fashion Fund

Guidelines On How To Register For Heineken Fashion And Design Week In Lagos

To register for the 2016 Heineken Fashion And Design Week in  Lagos, that is helping people make it big in modeling , X British Council Creative Hustle Seminars, please visit www.stylehousefiles.com/programs

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