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This are safety measures that are likely to prevent hackers from hacking you WordPress site, though, tested and efficient, they are not a full guarantee. Just precautionary  measures, because obviously there is no 100% hack foolproof means. Nevertheless, this should do the trick.


1. Change the Username

Make sure you ain’t using the default admin as your username, because by doing so, you’ve just helped the hacker to open the access doors of your WordPress site. What the hacker will have to do is to hack into your site with an admin username thereby, having full and absolute control over your WordPress site.

2. Password Strength

Your password should be very Strong Password or Long combination of letters and numbers. Making your site’s password very stronger or long and combined letters and numbers will help to reduce the brute power of attacks and make your WordPress site difficult anyone to hack with a mere prediction. Make sure you consistently change your password adding symbols to it, to make it stronger.

3. Limit Your Site’s Login Attempts

A strong password won’t be enough to Secure your WordPress site. A consistent brutal attack on your site’s password by a continuous and automatic re-entering of combined sequences might do the trick. The hacker will then be like ‘Bingo’. Limiting of your site’s login attempts will prevent a continuous attempt to hack your password.

To protect against automated login attempts by hackers, WordPress site developers, will ban a repeated failed login, it is usually a temporal IP ban.

4. A Secured Host

Finding a well secured host is a good step towards preventing hackers from hacking your site. Your host should have a priority for security, because if your host is not secured, your site is definitely not secured, and there ain’t no two ways about it.


5. Install Updates

Make sure that your WordPress Install is up-to-date.
WordPress releases regular updates in order to reduce site vulnerabilities to hackers. So, your path so to always update whenever you receive a popup notification, requesting you to update.

Make sure you restrain from displaying version numbers on your WordPress because it gives hackers the notion of knowing the vulnerable parts to exploit.

6. Plugins And Themes Update

Your Plugins and Themes should always be updated to new versions. Use trustworthy themes and plugins that always request for updates when necessary. Using the wrong Themes and Plugins can expose your vulnerability to hackers. Also delete Plugins that you are no longer using.

The advantage of hosting with WordPress company is that manage your WordPress account updates and give you maximum security. There may also put your account on default mode thereby allowing it to run an automatic updates of plugins on regular basis. You only have to update your themes yourself.

7. Limit Access

It is very necessary that you limit the access of your contractors and guest contributors in other for them not to have full control over your site. It is also important you remove the contractors after contracting because aggravated contractors can cause peril to your site, or they might be vulnerable to hackers because of inexperience.


8. Back Up Your Documents And Files

To be practical realistic, nobody is totally hack free. This it has been proven that there is no software that is not vulnerable, that is why there is always a regular update by the powering websites. No matter how experienced you or your teams are, your site will always be vulnerable. To be in a safer side, you should always back-up your documents and files, so that you will always have something to fall back to.

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